Trine 2 Review: Gorgeously Bland


The original Trine was released in 2009 and was quite the surprise hit so a sequel was more than obvious. Available across most platforms, Frozenbyte’s Trine was released in 2011 receiving mostly positive reviews from critics; Trine 2 didn't quite have the same charm to me that the original had. In fact, it actually feels like more of an expansion than a full release as the game can be completed in less than eight hours.

Interestingly, I was easily be rewarded with the Platinum trophy/100% Steam achievements without finishing the game. In fact, I played for roughly five hours and had a Platinum trophy in my midst. Graphically though, the sequel is gorgeous to stare at and offers a plethora of eye candy that often made me just stop and gaze for a few minutes. Visual aesthetic isn't everything unfortunately and I found the controls on console to be plain terrible. Trine 2 was built for a mouse and keyboard.

Trine 2’s control scheme on consoles is abysmal so I recommend a purchase for PC if that’s a viable option for you. Otherwise, I'd leave Trine 2 alone. 



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