Thomas Was Alone Review: Tetris With Charm


Last July, Mike Bithell released a game that from first glance looks like Tetris with personality. It’s a good, albeit stretched, description but it is definitely packed with character.

Players control Thomas, a red square who starts alone, but later comes across other block shaped beings with names and attitudes of their own. Although the puzzles are not difficult and the game can be completed in less than four hours, the real draw to Thomas Was Alone is the story narration by Danny Wallace (Assassin’s Creed II and up).

It’s often heavily discounted on Steam, but at a very reasonable $10 and it's newest availability on the PlayStation Store as well as the Vita, Thomas Was Alone is a very interesting IP that is well worth your time and money. It’s worth noting that it is a cross buy game on the PSN.

Review completed on PC 



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