BT Cast 064: May the Fourth Be With You

TJ, Josh, and Michelle talk about Barbie Girls, Josh's boyfriend, being a good mayor, Josh  is making a game, f*** glitter, proper British inappropriate rap songs, death ravages our cities, drawing testicles, we like bandz and play musik with bandz, we give life advice, Broken Age Act 2 is cool (mostly), we saw Age of Voltron, Falcon is on CPT, pulling eyebrows out, Dead Island 2 delayed, Halo uses dial up, Josh sold his car to a crazy person, boxing fans found out what it's like to be gamers who pre-order, PS4's are still flying off shelves, Loot Crate of children, we use the soundboard, and more!

Special thanks to Ruslans Golubevs for the badass new album art!!! Go support him! Custom work at great rates!

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Album cover by: Ruslans Golubevs
Intro Music by: Journal (8 Bit)
Outro Song: Tunak Tunak Tumba - Daler Mehndi

TJ was wearing Rise & Ruin Clothing. Buy today!