BT Cast 067: Josh Says Goodbye (For 8 Weeks)!

TJ, Josh, and Michelle talk about hungry eyes, TJ tries to make nicknames again, Josh is taking a very long roadtrip to grow a beard, Hungry Quest, The Witcher 3 on high settings is still huge, Destiny's House of Wolves is pretty good, Galactic Defense innuendos, battling herpes, Hit Mango, Rob Schneider is...A Box?, more on The Witchard 3, Bruise Welts & The Bitch, we support gays in the industry but some people are dicks, Kim Jun Un is a dick, the internet are dicks, TJ's constant thirst, Hellraid is cancelled, Randy Newman, Rust proves some people are just racist, heat retardation, and more!

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Album cover by: Ruslans Golubevs
Intro Music by: Journal (8 Bit)
Outro Song: Eric Carmen - Hungry Eyes