BT Cast 053: Fifty Shades of S***

TJ, Josh, and Michelle talk about 'Murica, our 80's Hero Names, Fifty Shades of Shit, BT slogans, basheesh, Fallout New Vegas with mods isn't holding us over, Michelle makes up Bioshock's backstory, Government Podcasting, Josh hates the Kennedy's, Samsung is sketchy, freedom, PS4 is just skimming by (sarcasm), fleshlights because Josh, Good Vibrations is awesome, we make a Fallout 4 bet, the Fallen as thespians, Nintendo DSSLSXLSSLSS, hard versus soft mode, length isn't everything (or is it?), we beg for money, and more!

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Album cover by Damian Franco
Intro Music by: Journal (8 Bit)
Outro Song: Magic Sword - The Way Home