BT Cast 050: Let Them Eat Cake!

TJ, Josh, and Michelle celebrate our one year anniversary in style discussing Josh's body build, #hamtits , Dragon Age card mobile games are dumb, talk nerdy to me, Sonic STILL SUCKS, we imagine incredible pain, mobile game corner, Tunnel Snakes Rule!, The Dark Tower, Kicking Hitler needs to be a game, AmHoSto, Michelle explains Sony's Powers ending (not really), harmony like a muh fugga, The Order looks good, Ronin, Windows 10 and what it means for Xbox One, hatred for Hatred, and more! Thanks for 1 year and many more to come!

This week is brought to you by: Mohu HD TV antennas! Be set free. 

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Album cover by Damian Franco
Intro Music by: Journal (8 Bit)
Outro Song: Stonebank - Holding On to Sound (feat. Concept)