BT Cast 020: Ocelots ‘R’ Us; Amazement$ Park$

TJ, Dan, Katie, and Michelle are without a sick Josh as they talk about guacamole addiction, creating an Amazement; Park, Steam Sales, butter, Jell’s games, remembering your first (downloaded porn), NEVER investigate ‘New Folder’, rage quitting on couch cushions, too many pitchers, Japanese culture makes us laugh, Katie’s looking forward to Valentine’s Day, Dan wants to leak Battlefield: Hardline, Comic Con, we want a less vulgar Jackson, cat bleeps, ocelots are awesome/dangerous, science, The Witcher’s Google Drive “hack”, PlayStation Now prices are ridiculous, and more!


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Album cover by Damian Franco

Intro Music by: Journal (8 Bit)

Break Music: Chrispy - Dial-Up