BT Cast 011: Salvaged Titles

TJ, Dan, Josh, and special return guest Michelle talk porn stars, nicknames, Dan sucks at impressions, #hamtits, other robot games NOT Titanfall, Dan makes up words like condante, Josh sucks at impressions, TJ has a big head, Michelle kills for prepuce, Zambies & caffee, Dan's emo hair, Infamous Paper Trail, butt problems, SCIENCE!, we don't understand Hollywood,  digi-stem, Silas has an emergency, fetish excuses, Persona, TJ and Dan aren't good at sports, #pooboner, Battlefield 4, word association, Bruce Lee's my homeboy, TMNT is a guilty pleasure, Corey Feldman, Borderlands 1.5, bazillion is a number, Dan doesn't get jokes, Sam Jackson, Watch Dogs, deep throating yogurt, the science of little people, tinnitus, Michelle owns at COD Zombies, Josh sucks (again) at impressions, Josh has smooth armpits, live Facebook messages, PR reading, mythical creatures, and more!

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Album cover by Damian Franco

Intro/Outro Music by Journal (8 Bit)

This week's break song: Brotherhood of Ellipsis