BT Cast 013: Time For Science!

***Sorry for the delay and any "ghosting" on the feed. ALSO, about 56 minutes in, audio gets quiet. SORRY!***
TJ, Dan, Josh, Katie, Michelle, and gues Tess smell Josh's latest purchase, Josh is at a slumber party, Michelle plays the Warface beta, Tj's "vacation" horror stories and makes friends with angry airline passengers, Josh will never play Dragon Age, Josh screams and twerks, Dan vs TJ vs sold through vs sold to, Michelle really wants Katie, Mormon soaking, #tumblrlife, TJ loses his mind, Titanfall update, finding porn in the forest, Katie's got jokes, the girls answer odd masterbation locations and mystical creatures, more gaming talk, we party all the time with Eddie Murphy, Naughty Dog continues to have issues, girl problems, Green Up Podcast needs your help so go support HERE!!! We are all fellow human beings.

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Album cover by Damian Franco

Intro/Outro Music by Journal (8 Bit)

This week's break song: Eddie Murphy - Party All the Time

Closing Song: Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science