BT Cast 012: The (Table Top) Game of Life

TJ, Dan, Josh, and Katie talk weird Table Top Games of Life, TJ is still working on nicknames (help us), Reaper of Souls, Airmech, ESO, Bioshock Infninite is weird without sound, Infamous Paper Trail, being from Boston California, The Book of Joshua nis terrible, TJ is trying segways (and failing), next-gen AAA lack of games, Fancy Boobs returns,  Josh and Dan argue semantics, TJ still doesn't understand hispanics, Dan is a terrible comedian but we love him, breaking edge, we can't make games, JCVD v Stallone v Schwarzenegger, listener topics!, blow v Below, season pass rants, Adult Only games, treating gamers with respect, and odd fapping locations.

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Album cover by Damian Franco

Intro/Outro Music by Journal (8 Bit)

This week's break song: Carpenter Brut - Le Perv