BT Cast 010: Rough Riders

TJ, Dan, Josh, and Katie talk about crappy jokes, nicknames, crans vs crowns vs crayons, Cameron Diez, Juliette Lewis, Dan & Katie’s sex life, beating it (Infamous), Dan’s in love with Bioshock, Dan hates Elder Scrolls Online, Dan and Katie love Troy Baker, Caesar Chavez, plugging yourself a lot, Fallout hates ladders, weird Japanese porn, Second Son, Josh makes drugs, content doesn’t matter, creepy Agent 47, Turkish slips, Josh is scared of Aliens and Dead Space, tear my ear, the digital age, Dan’s cheap, Predator, Black Dynamite, Josh is worried about Watch Dogs, TJ calls Sen. Leland Yee the wrong name (oops) so it’s edited in, XXX is a sleep aid, the game dev exodus continues, new head of Xbox Phil Spencer loves changes shirts every two minutes, Facebook purchases Oculus, Josh’s life plan with millions of dollars, Josh misunderstands Independence Day, and DMX’s IMDB page.

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Album cover by Damian Franco

Intro/Outro Music by Journal (8 Bit)

This week's break song: Long Tall Sally - Little Richard

*Special thanks to Bill Duke for being awesome