BT Cast 008: The Land Down Unda

TJ, Sick Dan, Josh, and Katie talk about an apple sauce juice box, Katie needs a nickname, Boughtornot, Titanfall (of course), sewing shirts, Khajiit messenger bags, high fives rock, Ys is dumb, South Park is not, rubbing on somebody until death, Thief is dumb, Broken Age, loading screens, it's not you it's Infamous, creating yourself in-game, wood elves, tree herpes, Josh is still working on a news theme, Van Helsing hipsterisms, ambience, Xbox has indies, Dan's confused about sex, Katie's a Woodland creature, PlayStation Porn, we're old,, length matters, shitty game movies, Dan ruins podcasts, Gary Busey, Troy Baker, Katie gets intense, Battlefield 4 frustrates TJ, the shitty of Chicago, TJ doesn't know the alphabet, Josh says VERY inappropriate things about Japan, the Exodus of important people in gaming, Sony's VR headset, and we read a letter from Australia!  



Album cover by Damian Franco

Intro/Outro Music by Journal (8 Bit)

This week's break song: Dead Sara - Heart Shaped Box

Outro: Men At Work - Land Down Under