BT Cast 007: We Officially Hate Mayo Edition

*WARNING* The intro is gross! Listen at your own risk!

TJ, Sick Dan, Josh, and Katie talk about gross stuff, South Park: The Stick of Truth, explaining anal probes to roommates, Dan is incredibly sick from SacCon, annoying flying Japanese creatures, GODdus, meth heads, Watch Dogs, Costume Quest is fantastic, Batmobiles, we argue about next-gen only games, Guacamelee and Dan, sniping balls, Josh is mean to Dan again, Shaq Fu is back (why?), Josh's ambition to be a voice actor, being a black fighter, preorder DLC is dumb, Dan's a cheater, Josh has a terrible mutant power, we're not scientists, having bad karma, support Green UP! podcast, Uncharted's future without Hennig, Sony without Tretton, Drive Club's further-out-future, our first email, then our second, and isn't the best name for a site.



Album cover by Damian Franco

Intro/Outro Music by Journal (8 Bit)

This week's break song: South Park - Lemmiwinks