Playing Catch-Up: A Ton of Mini Reviews

We played these games for you because we love you.

Last year, Bruise reviewed 21 GAMES. They were mini-reviews to give his readers a good idea about which games in his backlog he may have enjoyed or not. We’re happy to report that the major difference this year is that he wasn't bedridden while playing more than 30 games. We actively chose to play as many games as possible in a few short months to see if we could top last year’s list.

The jest of doing this yearly is to play the games that we may have missed for one reason or another. We have a list that we keep throughout the year to keep track of when games come out and we match that with our bank accounts and go from there. The rules are simple: play through all of the games at least once all the way through the credits (except the rare occasion) and if we find a gem or two, we go back at our earliest convenience and play them again.

 This year was extremely interesting with new systems being announced and what we call “The Drought” in game releases, so we stretched it out a bit from 3 months to 6 months. Bruise was gifted a Vita for Christmas (read his opinion here) so there are quite a few reviews for those games below which may or may not sway your decision to buy one. As we anxiously approach towards the next generation of console gaming, here are some mini-reviews on some games we think you should Buy, Rent, or Leave.

For this addition of Catch-Up, Bruise and Chich combine for the first BruisedThumbs edition including some second opinions on some of the games that we may have disagreed on. Just click the links to the titles to read why we thought you should or shouldn't waste your time. Enjoy!


We would love to know what games you haven't played yet but want to know more about. Leave your comments below. Maybe we can play them for you and tell you what we think.

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