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Hello friend. Bruise here from BruisedThumbs.  I just wanted to welcome you to our new site built for gamers, by gamers. 

Over the course of the past few years, I've been wondering what things I’d like to see done differently on some other sites. Do we, the gamer, care about a “score” or would we rather just know if it’s worth our time or money? How much information in a review is worth our time reading? Most importantly, how can BruisedThumbs be different? We’re striving to be original and we hope you stick with us through any growing pains. We also welcome suggestions from our community so please feel free and head to our Contact page to leave us a note or two.

BT will have fun multiplayer sessions and giveaways at local Gamestops that we’ll be working with and other participating retailers that you can find on the Events page! You can also check the Events page to find out when your most anticipated games are being released and it updates daily! The site will have plenty of great things being worked on and we've recently teamed up with TBP Studios to create even more content more often. 

BruisedThumbs is very invested in the gaming community and charity which is why we are also proud to announce BT will be donating our time and money to charities like Child’s Play, ExtraLife, and Jilly Bugs Toys for Hugs as well as other participating hospitals or charities in our neighborhood of Sacramento, CA.

We have a podcast called the BruisedThumbs Podcast -- BT Cast for short -- where we talk about gaming news, our honest opinions about games, and other topics that sometimes aren't related to games at all. We're just a group of friends enjoying each other's company and talking. Give it a listen. We have a growing audience every week! Shoot us an email with your gaming questions, sex questions, tech/science questions, or just fun facts so we can read them on the air and help answer any questions you may have. (Explicit content)

Finally, the games rating system is simple. Buy it. Rent it. Wait for it. Leave it. When it comes to purchasing a $60 game, your money is precious. Myself and other editors here help you make a decision based on those four factors. Why make the choice convoluted with a score when all the average gamer wants to know is if it's worth money and time?

I appreciate all of the support and I hope you actively participate in the discussions respectfully on our Forums, in the comments, and through email. Again, thanks for coming to BruisedThumbs. Welcome to the family!

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Founder/Editor in chief/Podcast Co-Host