​Astro Gaming Says Headsets Won't Use Chat Right Away on PS4 (Update!)


Update: Turns out that Turtle Beach isn't totally effected by this chat debacle. According to IGN in a talk with Turtle Beach's Dave Lowey, "The new Turtle Beach PX4 wireless surround sound headset is compatible with the PlayStation 4 console, at launch, right out of the box. The headset will be widely available in stores in time for the PlayStation 4 launch. The XP510 and PX51 wireless headsets that were introduced earlier this year will also be fully compatible in the same manner."

This is interesting information and it makes one wonder what the people at Turtle Beach figured out that Astro Gaming hasn't. 

Original story below.

(10/10/13 11:10 AM)

You know that $299.99 you spent on your brand new Astro A50 Wireless Headset? Don't expect them to work on your new PS4 or Xbox One for that matter according to a report by GameInformer

In a discussion with Sony, GameInformer reports that the Sony PULSE headset will require a future system update of an unknown date to enable chat functionality. All headsets using bluetooth will not work at all, and any USB reliant headset like Astro's popular "A" series will require an update at a later date.

Being an owner of multiple headsets, this news is pretty disappointing and, honestly, rather inexcusable. Here's hoping this problem is rectified sooner than later as both packaged headsets are not nearly as good as a $400 headset.