Destiny (Almost) 9 Months On

I’m just about to hit level 28 on my second character – A grizzled human Titan with a somewhat stylish Mohawk. This Titan will now join my level 32 Warlock who is also a veteran in the world of Destiny. After countless hours inside this world, I feel it’s important to look back on the things that keep me coming back, day in and day out, to complete bounties and run through raids.


Damn you, beautiful incarnation; be mine

Anyone who plays video games understands this obsession. It was born in the RPG format, and has slowly infected every corner of the gaming world. Nowadays, you won’t just find a 200 hour veteran hunting that last prestigious armour piece in Diablo III, you’ll find him/her in Call of Duty, running through the barren wastelands in Borderlands and even slashing throats during swashbuckling  adventures across the Caribbean in Assassin’s Creed IV.

It’s this same hunt that has continued to elude me in Destiny for the past 9 months.  Even after hundreds of hours, I still find myself strapping on my prettiest Warlock garments, praying to the mystical RNG gods and rushing into the Vault of Glass on the hunt for that majestical, beautiful, Gjallarhorn.


Photo: Bungie

The masterminds behind it all.

Bungie has a rich history of re-inventing the first person shooter genre and making it their own. Since their founding back in 1991, they've certainly recreated the wheel with a number of first person shooters that have allowed Bungie to establish their own unique style. It is this heritage, stemming from Pathways into Darkness and Halo: Combat Evolved that has earned Bungie its legendary status among first person shooter fanatics.

Now, some 24 years later, Bungie has Destiny. If shooting aliens in the face always felt this good, I’d consider becoming a Starship Trooper. 


Pictured: An accurate impression of the Destiny community.

Pictured: An accurate impression of the Destiny community.

What truly makes Destiny so unique, is the community that has formed around it. It’s the players versus the game and it’s this kind of environment that creates a thriving community dedicated to teamwork and camaraderie. It’s also this area where Destiny could improve the most.

No in-game matchmaking for the most important part of Destiny – the Raids? Are you kidding, Bungie? You've managed to create one of the least insidious online environments, yet the part of the game that requires the most teamwork requires you to gather 5 other like-minded friends to complete it, all on your own volition. I don’t enjoy trawling forums for 15 minutes trying to find other community members willing to do the Raid. Even so, every individual that I have encountered during my online experience has been both cooperative and kind-hearted.

I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I've experienced an online environment like this… gone are the days of preteens hurling abuse at me from behind their TV screens, hooray!

THE HOUSE OF WOLVES WILL BE A GAME-CHANGER                                                                     

These two again...

Over the past few weeks, Bungie has leaked out details of the new Destiny expansion. Arriving on May 19th, The House of Wolves will change the way we play Destiny.

Fear not Guardians, although it will not feature a new Raid (to the dismay of many), it will instead feature two all new modes; The Prison of Elders and The Trials of Osiris. The former being a new wave-based PvE mode that requires teamwork and constant communication; the latter being a PvP mode with no respawning and incredible loot opportunities. Hardcore PvP’ers rejoice!! Top this off with all new sets of loot, two new levels, the ability to level up previous armour and weapons earned (yes this means that the epic Vault of Glass armour and weapons will once again be a viable option in PvP and PvE!!), the ability to reroll the perks on weapons and armour earned during the house of wolves expansion, and the ability to purchase upgrading materials from The Speaker which will finally curtail that post level 20 grind that Destiny is infamous for.

Colour me excited Batman!!! Destiny continues to keep me entertained, and after nine months, that says a lot about the gameplay and the team at Bungie.