Microsoft Shows off Over-the-Air Tuner With Mohu Antenna

Microsoft has officially announced it's new Over-the-Air option for the Xbox One starting today for preview program users and expanding to the general public soon.

Starting today, those interested would need to first purchase a Hauppauge WinTV-955Q digital converter ($79.99 MSRP) at their local GameStop, BestBuy, or Amazon. Secondly, Microsoft's new TV solution requires an antenna. Major Nelson and Harrison Hoffman show off the Mohu Leaf 50 -- one of many available on the designer's site -- and connect it directly into the converter. After plugging the whole set up into an Xbox One via USB, users will be walked through the easy set up process that imports their available channels into the OneGuide.

The OneGuide functionality stays the same regardless of using the cable or Over-the-Air alternative. Adopters will still be able to pause live TV, view in snap mode, and use Kinect or SmartGlass to maneuver through the channel selections. Even the social networking of Twitter remains in tact as those with their accounts linked can see tweets about the shows they're watching in real time.

For those looking to discover what channels they can get with their new devices can go to Mohu's Xbox site for details. The tuner is currently available in 19 markets including the US and Canada with plans to expand in the coming months. This adds to the already robust TV options available to the Xbox One including it's recent partnership with internet television provider Sling TV. 

Want to buy one now? Click here to start looking through your options of antenna.

Disclaimer: Mohu is an sponsor of BruisedThumbs.