DC Universe Online Powers Up


A new power is set to go live in the popular super hero MMO, DC Universe Online. Munitions allows players to use firearms, explosives, and other advanced technologies that “brings a new, over-the-top, run-and-gun style of gameplay to DCUO.”

The announcement on the official website names DC comics characters such as Sgt. Rock, Jason Todd, and Detonator as inspirations for the new abilities. Players who choose the Munitions power set can fill Controller and Damage roles, and are described as having “legendary capacity for raw firepower and tactical battlefield control.” 

DCUO now sports 13 unique power sets as Munitions joins Fire, Ice, Mental, Nature, Sorcery, Gadgets, Light, Electricity, Earth, Quantum, Celestial, and Rage. Existing members have immediate access to the new content, and non-members can become masters of firearms with a purchase from the in-game marketplace.

With this new power added to the mix, are you planning to jump into DC’s online saga? Let us know and share a pic of your hero in action! I’m guessing there are several versions of Punisher and Deadpool being rolled right now.