Activision Shows Off Guitar Hero Live

Activision has announced that the Guitar Hero franchise is making a comeback with Guitar Hero Live, and it puts plastic instrument musicians in front of real audiences with a real band.

Officially announced today, Live features a familiar feel with a new human audience instead of the cartoonish ones of yesteryear. The guitar features a new 6-button layout with 3 buttons stacked on top of 3 buttons. This creates a cool illusion of playing chords for those who weren't able to keep up with Rocksmith's actually real guitar but still makes you feel like a rock star. The threat of messing up feels real as the game is entirely in first person.

They yell, boo, and the dancing comes to a halt.

Doing a great job prompts your band mates to react accordingly with coolguy/girl nods of acceptance or fans dancing like they tend to do when the music is good. Mess up, however, and the crowd turns on you. They yell, boo, and the dancing comes to a halt. It gives that much needed urgency to nail every note.

Finally, Live comes with a feature called Guitar Hero TV which, in essence, are playable music videos. Guitar Hero Live, TV, and the multiplayer haven't shown off all of their musicians cooperating on building a soundtrack yet, but so far bands like Fallout Boy, Of Monsters & Men, and The Killers (of course) are all on board.

Guitar Hero Live is slated to release this Fall 2015.