Playstation Plus Free Games for April, 2015

Each month, Sony rewards PS Plus subscribers with a selection of free games for the PS4, PS3, and Vita. As long as the subscription is active, access to these games is unlimited.

On the Playstation 4, the two free games this month are:

Tower of Guns: A wild, first-person shooter with randomized tower layouts filled with enemies and - you guessed it - guns.

Never Alone: Guide a young girl through the harsh Alaskan wilderness to save her village. If you like platformers with an emotional story and eerie atmosphere (such as Limbo or Braid), you should give this one a look.

For PS3 gamers:

Dishonored: First-person stealth action at its finest, this game is currently holding an 89 Metacritic rating for the PS3 version. The story has some exciting moments, but it’s the gameplay that has earned accolades from dozens of media outlets.

Aaru’s Awakening: This platformer began as a school project for a group of students in Europe, and it morphed into this stunning game. *Also available on PS4

Vita owners can download:

Killzone Mercenary: The best shooter on the Vita is now free for PS Plus subscribers. This game holds up surprisingly well next to its console counterparts, and it includes full-featured online multiplayer.

Monster Bag: This hilarious puzzle game centers on a monster who is shaped like a bag. If you don’t believe us, download it to see for yourself. It’s free anyway, right?

Here is the full video rundown from Ryan Clements of the Playstation Blog:

The free games for April will be available on Tuesday, April 7, when the PS Store updates. Let us know which PS Plus freebies you’ll be playing this month!

Pro Tip: If you haven’t downloaded the PS Plus free games from last month, you still have a week!