IT’S BAAACK!!!! Super Mario 64 Makes a Small Comeback on PC

Picture: Roystan Ross

Picture: Roystan Ross

Attention everyone hankering for a Super Mario 64 fix -- let's keep it real, it’s basically anyone who ever touched the game -- your prayers have been answered. Super Mario 64 has come back. To your PC. With one level.

Thanks to Unity 3D and the work of developer Erik Roystan Ross, you can now play and replay the first level of Super Mario 64, Bob-Omb Battlefield, over and over again until your little heart is content. For those of you who are not familiar with Unity 3D, it is a cross-platform game creation system made by, you guessed it, Unity Technologies. Housing a game engine and integrated development environment, it can be used to create video games for anything you can think of (consoles, mobile devices, desktop platforms, etc.).

This awesome project came about when Ross wanted to show off his Super Character Controller, a specialized controller made specifically for Unity, when he “got a little carried away.” According to Ross, “The project is all open source and can be downloaded by anybody and used for anything, outside of selling it.”

The game, played on a Mac, was said to not only look obviously better but is also easy to play using a keyboard and touch mousepad which is awesome news for the drones of bored college students sitting through class. Before you get your hopes up of the entire game being redone, Ross says don’t count on it. This was a fun project he banged out and now seems to be parting ways with it.

You can check the game out by downloading it from his website now.