Flush With Tax Return Cash? Here’s an Idea...PlayStation Sale!

Sony has revealed a discount code for 10% off purchases made from a PS4, PS3, or Playstation store website through March 30th.

This deal gets even better if you combine it with a discount from their ongoing Spring Fever sale! The newly released game Metal Slug 3 is already sporting a discount in addition to several God of War games, dlc packs, and themes.  

Use the code found in the image below (LQ8ERDQH3A) to apply this additional 10% savings to your order.

There are several caveats, however, so review these before you get too excited:

  • This sale is only for North American territories. Sorry, world.
  • Does not apply to purchases made using the PS Vita, Playstation TV, in-game, or on the PSP (wait, are people still buying stuff on their PSP?).
  • Additionally, this code won’t help you with the price of PS Plus membership, Playstation Now, game pre-orders, or other subscription costs.

If you’re planning on making a purchase on the Playstation store, be sure to do it by 12:00pm PDT Monday, March 30.