Controversial Game 'Hatred' Second Game to Receive Adults Only Rating

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has officially given the controversial murder spree game 'Hatred' only their second Adult Only rating in their existence; their first being 'Manhunt 2'.

The game has been at the center of controversy since its unveiling back in October with their gameplay trailer depicting a gunman out to kill as many people as possible because "no life is worth saving" according to the man in the voice over. 

Many assumed it would get close to an AO rating but the developers aren't convinced it deserves one. "I'm not quite convinced why Hatred got AO rating while it lacks any sexual content," said the developers in a forum post on their page, "but it's still some kind of achievement to have the second game in history getting AO rating for violence and harsh language only. Even if this violence isn't really that bad and this harsh language isn't overused."

No release date has been set for 'Hatred' beyond 2015, though due to its newfound AO rating, finding a home to release will be difficult. Home consoles currently do not allow AO games and Steam has yet to put their stamp of approval as a release channel.