Donate to This Awesome Kickstarter for Save Point Gaming Tavern

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Click the banner to donate!

We here at BruisedThumbs like good ideas, good people, and local Sacramento business. Save Point Gaming Tavern is one of those endeavors that, we think, deserve some attention.

Owners and entrepreneurs Anthony Barajas and Dariush Gheyssarieh were looking for something different for the Sacramento area and, frankly, something that is lacking in most parts of the country. "The idea of wanting to game in an adult atmosphere, and to knock back a few beers while engaging in a game of the geeky persuasion like we do at home, was one which captivated us and has now driven us to the point of opening a gaming tavern."

When asked to describe Save Point Gaming Tavern, Barajas best detailed it as, "a tabletop and video-gaming tavern where people can go to relax and game with like-minded others, to eat and drink and socialize with people who just geek a little differently.”

The Kickstarter begins today and continues for the next 40 days as the duo attempt to reach their $25,000 goal to fund the Tavern. Donate by clicking here where you can also check out their cool rewards for donating.