New Witcher 3 Trailer and Release Date

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt Red has released a new trailer, release date, and other release details. The gorgeous new trailer shows off both gameplay and some story elements detailing what to expect in the Geralt of Rivia's journey.

The game will be available in standard, collector, digital, and digital deluxe editions; all of which coming with a variety of goodies for Witcher fans. The standard edition will come with a companion book, some stickers, and the soundtrack where the collector's edition also comes with a map, medallion, art book, and statue. The digital edition comes with a digital art book, a slew of "making of" videos, and a digital map with the deluxe version coming additionally with wallpapers, The Witcher #1 comic, the soundtrack, and a copy of Neverwinter Nights.

Originally set to release this year, Wild Hunt was pushed back to 2015 in March. Now CD Projekt Red has officially announced the new release date of February 24th, 2015 for PS4, Xbox 360, and PC.