Epic Games Announces Free-to-Play Unreal Tournament

After teasing a reveal early this week, Epic Games has officially announced Unreal Tournament is coming back and as free-to-play for the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.

As a subscriber of Unreal Engine 4, members will be able to help in the development process through crowdsourcing and helping to mod the game with the Unreal team. The smaller team working on Unreal Tournament becomes a larger team with fans creating content for others to play. It seems the community will be a huge determining factor in the success for the upcoming shooter.

The development team also noted that full VR headset support will be supported for both the Occulus and Project Morpheus.

If it looks anything like how Unreal Engine 4 looks and plays how previous iterations have played, the game should be just fine. For more information, check out Unreal's blog or come back to BruisedThumbs.