Remedy Releases Quantum Break Gameplay Teaser

Since last year's E3, Xbox One fans have been clamoring for more information about Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment's new game Quantum Break. Today, the developer decided to remedy the situation* by releasing a new gameplay trailer.

Remedy's Sam Lake showed off the gameplay after an introduction and announced that more gameplay will be shown at Gamescom in August of this year.

The game's story is interwoven between a TV series and the playable game. "The game is about heroes, the show is about villains," Lake said explaining what direction the studio is taking. The main character Jack Choice is trying to stop the corporation Monarch from ending time as we know it.

For those hoping to get this in their hands before year's end are out of luck it seems as the game now has a release window of 2015.


*The author apologizes for any and all terrible jokes