Battlefield: Hardline Information and Video Leaked

The cat was let out of the bag just a couple weeks early as a video meant for E3 was leaked featuring footage for Battlefield: Hardline.

The orginal video, which has since been deleted, showed bits and pieces of both single player and multiplayer content. The campaign centers on the playable character Nick Mendoza as he and his partner uncover copious amounts of cocaine worth millions. Interestingly, the campaign goes outside of normal Battlefield affair as it's sectioned into episodes adding replay value. It seems they have also obtained some acting talent from popular shows like Justified and House of Cards. It's no Kevin Spacey, but the talent seems to be stacking up. Check out the video pulled from

Multiplayer details were lightly revealed in the trailer as well showing what looked like a more urban combat with ziplines, rope climbing, bank heists, and more. This doesn't seem to be a traditional Battlefield in any means. Think Payday: The Heist but with a narrative and slightly better graphics.

Both single player and multiplayer will feature an array of gadgets and other tools including police scanners to help players adjust to different situations. Of course, other tools will include a vast assortment of vehicles at the players disposal.

The content was leaked from EA's own website and has since been removed completely. E3 is right around the corner so we can expect to hear more information when EA presents on June 9th at 12pm.