5-Year-Old Finds Security Bug on Xbox One


A 5-year-old boy discovered a major flaw in the security log in for the Xbox One prompting an immediate fix by Microsoft.

Kristoffer Von Hassel was attempting to play his father's Xbox One but came across the login in screen. After inputting the password incorrectly, Kristoffer was taken to the password verification screen. Being a 5-year-old, he hit the space bar a few times and at a whim, hit enter, and he was on verified. Obviously, this is a huge security risk that needed immediate attention. His father reported it like a good person should and the problem has been resolved.

As a huge thanks, Kristoffer has been placed on the Microsoft's Security Researcher Acknowledgements page. In addition to that awesome recognition, the duo received 4 free games, and additional $50, and a 1-year subscription to Xbox Live.