PS4 and Vita Firmware Update Coming Tomorrow

The big update Sony announced a couple weeks ago is set to launch tomorrow and is coming with a couple extra features on a couple more platforms.

Sony announced the update schedule today on the PlayStation Blog detailing all of the new features coming to PS4, Vita, and the PlayStation App for iPhone and Android. On top of the already mentioned SHAREfactory and HDCP removal, Sony also seems to be adding a handful of other very useful features that fans have been asking for.

Sony is answering fan requests for higher resolution streaming and archiving in their Twitch Streams. Streams can now be archived at 720p so users can go back and watch their insanity over and over again. For those looking for an alternative method of payment, they have also added the ability to pay using PayPal.

Sony has also added additional voice commands to the PlayStation Camera which was -- and continues to be -- our least favorite feature out of the PS4.

In addition to the slew of PS4 updates, there is also an update for the Vita that allows for easier link between the two consoles. Also, the PS App will be updated to receive push notifications for certain functions like invites and friend requests.

Turn on your PS4 and put it in standby so while you're at school or work, your PS4 will update and you'll come home to tons of new features.