PS4 Firmware 1.7 Brings the Goods

Sony has announced their huge update coming to PS4 in the coming weeks that will introduce a slew of new features that fans have been chomping at the bit for including a video editor and HDCP removal.

In update 1.7, a new video editor called SHAREfactory will allow sharing enthusiasts to create their own unique videos chalk full of transitions and commentary. Users will be able to combine their clips of their favorite in-game moments and merge them with a series of transitions. After you've completed your video portion, you can then add video commentary to add your thoughts on your best moments. You can then throw a stamp or words on your video, then share it direct to Facebook or directly to a USB drive.

Another feature that gamers have been asking for -- including this gamer -- is the ability to use external capture devices. Thanks to 1.7, this is now a possibility as we will finally be able to turn off HDCP which prevented external device connections to work in the past. Expect more video content from BruisedThumbs in the coming weeks and months.

Finally, the new update will also allow for pre-loading games which means playing the game when it is available. When you preorder a game with pre-download capability, players can install the game days before its release so that its ready when they are ready to jump right in.

No release date to the update has been announced but we will have information right here as it arrives.