Infamous: Second Son Patch Adding FPS and Time of Day Control

A new patch for Infamous: Second Son will add a handful of new features in the coming weeks.

Second Son developer Sucker Punch has announced the upcoming patch on their blog stating that they are "listening to your complaints" and attempting to address them accordingly. "So to say thanks, not just for all the support but also for your ionate requests to make the game better, we’ve started work on a few small features which we’ll be delivering in the weeks to come."

Upon completion of the game, players will be able to change the time of day on the fly so you can see Seattle in all its glory at night. Secondly, they will be giving the option to turn the HUD on or off on a whim for the perfect screenshot. Lastly, Second Son has a dynamic frames per second (FPS) that is mostly between 30 and 60 but they are allowing for it to be capped at 30fps should players so choose.

Although very small editions, it is nice to see Sucker Punch addressing fan requests where they can. There is DLC available for free entitled Paper Trail and we have the guide for you here. You can also read our review for Infamous: Second Son.