Infamous: Second Son Viral Campaign Begs You to Get Tested

Sucker Punch has launched a new viral campaign called Paper Trail which gives karma to participants to use in Infamous: Second Son.

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By going to the viral site, you can sign up for the Infamous Paper Trail which gives clues to the origin to conduits and immersion into the world of Infamous. The Karma points accrued can unlock new missions in Second Son.

Also mixed in with Paper Trail are a couple of very interesting sites like Conduit Rights League and Bioframe Diagonostics. The site for CRL gives information as to who conduits are and the ethical treatment of them as well as some information on its founder, attorney Stacy Pine; a name I'm sure we'll grow to hear more. Also interesting, during an awareness test on the site, it's brought to our attention that "some conduits managed to survive—even some who were present at New Marais at the time of The Beast’s destruction" which is a reference to Infamous 2. It will be interesting to see who survived and who didn't.

Bioframe Diagnostics is the group involved with researching the chromosomal anomaly known as "Conduitism" and are looking for an answer. The site describes the company as one looking for answers but also how to evolve the human species. They even have a nifty pamphlet and are working with the CRL for funding.

Infamous has always been about Karma and how decisions can determine alternate outcomes, both good and bad, so it will be interesting to see these two factions working with Delson. Infamous: Second Son releases on March 21st.