Titanfall Season Pass Confirmed (Update)


Prices for Titanfall's season pass have surfaced at a reasonable price tag of $25 USD for three content packs. Purchased separately, each piece of DLC will be $10 each so buying the pass puts an extra 5 bucks in your pocket.

Original Story:

Last week, Respawn founder Vince Zampella said the chances of a season pass were "unlikely" but DLC was obvious. It seems the unlikelihood of a season pass is incorrect as Zampella has announced Respawn's minimal pass plans.

In a report by IGN, Zampella commented on the pass saying, We’re going to do a season pass just because if you buy it up front, you get a deal," and, "a season pass is just, buy it up front and get a better price.” Although not much more detail was given, he also did state that features like new game modes would be patched in for free. He also went on record saying that they would not be doing any form of micro transactions so that's nice.

Titanfall hits store shelves -- both digitally and physically -- on March 11th on Xbox One and PC with the 360 version arriving on March 25th. Prepare for Titanfall.