UK Retailer Zavvi Offers Free Launch Game With Titanfall Bundle


UK retailer Zavvi is getting in on the Titanfall bundle mega-sale that started with Microsoft and continued with GameStop last week by announcing 1 free launch game with the purchase of the Titanfall bundle for £399.99.

Last week, Microsoft announced the Titanfall Bundle which reduced the price of the console and added a free digital copy of Titanfall with it. After the announcement, GameStop UK lowered the price an additional £30. In an effort to compete further, Zavvi added the following deal to the mix:

Get a selected Xbox One game for free when you buy an Xbox One console that includes the Titanfall game.

Pre-orders for the bundle are still available at the time of this article. No word as to whether any of the States' retailers will fight it out to give us the best deal. Chances are, that won't happen. Titanfall and the bundle are available March 11th.