Possible Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Incoming?


Although nothing has been confirmed, Bioware have been considering bringing a remastered Mass Effect to the Xbox One and PS4.

In a tweeted response to an interested gamer, Bioware general manager of Edmonton and Montreal Aaryn Flynn said the topic has come up in discussion within the company although they hadn't come to a conclusion.

With a new Mass Effect in development, the chances of sending the game to be remastered outside of the primary studio would make sense. Also worth noting, remasters bring more awareness and new fans in preparation for upcoming projects when timed well. Speaking from personal experience, I hadn't played the first Mass Effect until the second was about a week from release and became a fan instantly.

What do you think of the possibility of a remastered Mass Effect trilogy? Have you played or not played the trilogy? Sound off below!


Source: IGN