Fez's PlayStation Platform Release Date Announced

Developer Polytron have announced its much anticipated PlayStation platform port for Fez will be available on PS4, PS3, and PlayStation Vita on March 25th in the States and March 26th in Europe.

Fez is a crazy puzzle game that forces players to think outside the box a bit as they rotate the world around them to find new ways to travel and treasure chests full of cube pieces. It is a wild ride that we talk about in Episode 001 and 002 of the BT Cast and I found it very fun to play and worthy of your time. Fez is primed at running 720p at 60fps on PS3 and 1080p at 60fps on PS4. What's also worth noting is that the game will support cross-buy and cross-play.

Phil Fish's long and arduous journey to build and release Fez can be seen in Indie Game: The Movie. After spending hours upon hours in the world of Fez, his announcement to cancel Fez 2 last year can definitely be validated as frustration to build the game and the weight of critics pushed Fish over the edge. Here's hoping we may get Fez 2 someday.