Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Out Tomorrow

Fans of the PS3 top-down shooter can rejoice as a PS4 edition called the Apocalypse Edition will be downloadable tomorrow from the PlayStation Store.

Running at 1080p, the new version comes stocked full of improved visuals and new modes; one of which is brand new to the PS4. Apocalypse introduces the new Challenge mode which enables you to send your high scores on levels to friends and dare them to beat it. We're preparing for a lot of BruisedThumbs challenges between the staff.

Another awesome feature is the Broadcast+ feature which allows viewers of your channel to interact with your session by voting for increasing or lowering difficulty and causing swarms of zombies. Viewers of the broadcast will appear as zombies in-game making for a fun dynamic when you're angry at LitStoner420 for making the game too hard.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition will be available tomorrow, March 4th, free for PS Plus members or $14.99 for everybody else.