Update: Call of Duty Getting Predator DLC


Activision has released the official trailer for the Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC entitled Devastation. This DLC has 4 new maps, Extinction Episode 2, the Predator, and a pretty awesome new multiplayer weapon called the Ripper which flips from SMG to AR on the fly.

Devastation is available on Xbox Live first on April 3rd with the rest of the editions to come shortly after that.

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Original Story 3/28:

Call of Duty's Instagram has hinted at a new DLC involving everybody's favorite Predator on April 3rd.

The Instagram video shows a lone soldier (hopefully Arnold) walking through some ruins and then you hear the chilling sound of the Predator and a flash of it cloaked. Whatever else happens in the new mode, titled Devastation, practically doesn't matter. This actually might be the Predator game we've all hoped for.

Predator is a favorite movie franchise of our Podcast which you can check out here and there's even a Predator movie drinking game* . Here's hoping Devastation proves to be as awesome as it sounds.


*Drink responsibly