Infamous Paper Trail Walkthrough: Mission 2

Mission 2: Find the Suspect

The Infamous Paper Trail augmented reality game built into Second Son is partially a mystery to some. A lot of you have been wondering how to go about solving the Paper Trail so we're here to help. This walkthrough is a work in progress as the missions are updated weekly over the course of 6 weeks.

Yesterday BruisedThumbs showed you the solution to Mission 1 of the Infamous Paper Trail. Today, we continue to put our private investigator skills to the test as there has been another murder. The victim this time is Killian Czalov; drug dealer and total jerk.

Find the Suspect

After accepting the mission, you will be tasked with tailing the tracker drone. As the description says in the Modified D.U.P. Tracker Drone file on Brunberg's website, this tracker drone will land in heavily guarded areas so be prepared for a large gun battle.

After that's done, take pictures of Czalov's body, collect the drone and head to the mailbox to "deliver" the evidence to the Paper Trail website.

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From your PC or Tablet  (remember it won't work on a smartphone), check out the pictures, the tracker drone (more on that later), and the text message from his associate Skeeter. "I talked to that detective guy. He's gonna stop snooping around." Either he's the murderer of both guys or he actually did just talk to Brunberg.

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Now to the drone. Clicking on the drone gives you a keypad. There are two ways to go about this. Option 2 is the easiest but if you like to show your work, go to Option 1. Note: Some browsers have issues with this part. Try another browser if issues continue.

Option 1: Entering in numbers will give you three different solutions. Green = leave the number there, Yellow = the number is right but in the wrong spot, and X = the number is wrong so forget about it. Rearrange accordingly.

Option 2: This is the easy way out. Right-click on the number pad and click on View Source. Under the section "var currpd =" (Ctrl+F to search or line 106), that following number is your code. Mine turns out to be "159283". Enter that code on the drone and boom.

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Inside is a stack of cash and a letter from a mystery person just initialed as "J". He also seems annoyed with Killian.

The mystery continues as my next mission is to follow the money to Killian's employer. Otherwise known as the paper trail. Check out our review here.