PlayStation Vita Update Adds Calendar

If you have a PS Vita and you've wanted a calendar on it then today you're in luck because the newest update 3.10 for the Vita includes one as well as a bunch of new features.

Click to enlarge [photo: PlayStation Blog]

Sony details the newest firmware update on the PlayStation Blog that includes a calendar, new content manager, and more apps on the home screen. The calendar syncs with Google's gCal which is perfect with syncing with our websites Events calendar.

The Vita's new content manager is more akin to the PS4's content manager so you are able to see a more broken down version of where your memory is being allocated. In addition, users can now have up to 500 apps on the home screen but why on Earth anybody would want that is beyond me. Also, users can send voice messages to others with PS4's or Vita's.

I liked the Vita when it first released and its library and quality continues to improve with age. Own one? What do you think? Let us know below.