Infamous Paper Trail Walkthrough: Mission 1

Mission 1: Find the Trail

The Infamous Paper Trail augmented reality game built into Second Son is a mystery to some. A lot of you have been wondering how to go about solving the Paper Trail so we're here to help. This walkthrough is a work in progress as the missions are updated weekly over the course of 6 weeks.

First, go to the Paper Trail website to sign up for your free account and link your PSN account to it.

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There are tests and things that can be completed like a conduit test to see what type of conduit you are and a Conduit Awareness Test. That's the easy part.

Find the Trail

Next, you'll log into your PS4 and boot up Infamous: Second Son. When the game loads, one of the mission icons you'll see in the world about a third of the way through the game looks like origami.


Once you start the mission. Simply begin the chase sequence after the creepy paper bunny thing. This will lead you to a crime scene at the Crocodile where a private eye is hanging dead from the crocodile's mouth. Sucks to be him.

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Upon taking the proper pictures and collecting the wallet, now's the time to go back to your tablet or PC. No, your smart phone isn't good enough.

Hidden in Brunberg's wallet are a ton of clues but what the hell are they for? Simple dear Watson. By clicking on the link on the Paper Trail site for his wallet, it opens the contents inside. Note: Many people have different clues but they all work the same. This is my specific content.

Looking at his business card gives you his website address. Sucker Punch created an actual website. Again, this is an actual ARG so many of the things you find in game can be researched on the web. Scroll down to the bottom for the employee log in and once there, enter emiliob which you obtain from his email address and click Forgot Password.

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This is where the wallet contents really come into play. Based on my wallet, I have the information below. Clicking on the individual pictures brings a closer view and sometimes, you can look at the back for useful information like his cat's name and his favorite vacation spot.

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Using said content, you can retrieve his password by entering the information in the boxes.

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Click on the only link you can click on. I'm sure Sucker Punch didn't want to make a bunch of fake cases up so there's only one. Each one of the links below can be clicked on for more information on the case in regards to Brunberg's search for Fetch.

Clicking on Killian Czalov's link brings me to information about him and his associate, Skeeter Hidalgo. That name sounds familiar. That's because his library card (a smart drug dealer?) is in Brunberg's wallet. Maybe that'll come in handy later. Put that on the backburner. You also obtain information about drones that Killian has hacked but more importantly, clicking on Killian Czalov's Mobile ID gives you a code.

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Go back to the Paper Trail site and click on Delsin's phone tracker link. Enter the code that was provided. Mine was 953135856383. Click Submit.

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Next, it's time to track down Killian Czalov to start the next mission. 

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