Rumor: Titanfall 2 to be Published by EA

Even though Titanfall was just released last Tuesday, the great reception it has received has been enough that the sequel is more than guaranteed. Rumors have begun circulating that the sequel will be fully published by EA as opposed to going through Microsoft.

Currently, EA is not responding to rumors and speculation but inside sources told Gamespot that if Titanfall sold well enough, EA would have the option to purchase the rights to their own game. That adds to the bit of hope that Titanfall 2 would make its way to PlayStation or Nintendo platforms since its current exclusivity is limited to PC and both Xbox consoles.

We loved Titanfall's awesome multiplayer on the Xbox One and PC, but it has been most recently delayed twice now on Xbox 360. With the PS4's over 6 million units sold, EA is probably reconsidering their temporary exclusivity.