Titanfall Resolution Is 792p On Xbox One

Titanfall developer Respawn has announced the Xbox One version of their highly anticipated game will have a resolution of 792p native, in case you were wondering.

The beta from a couple weeks ago was confirmed to be running at 792p but after playing the game extensively, we can confirm that it doesn't really matter. In an interview with Eurogamer,  lead engineer Richard Baker stated that although it is launching at 792p, the have been "experimenting with making it higher and lower," and an increase is currently being experimented with. "The target is either 1080p non-anti-aliased or 900p with FXAA," he says, "One of the big tricks is how much ESRAM we're going to use, so we're thinking of not using hardware MSAA and instead using FXAA to make it so we don't have to have this larger render target."

Titanfall is an enjoyable experience at any HD resolution and you can get your excited fingers on it tomorrow, March 11th.