Mamoru Samuragochi Admits to Being a Fraud (Update)

Photo: ABC News

Photo: ABC News

Update: Mamoru Samuragochi has stepped forward and issued a statement to The New York Times that he isn't that deaf anymore.

“It has recovered to the level where I can sometimes grasp words when someone speaks clearly and slowly close to my ears, though the sounds are still muffled and skewed,” the famed composer wrote and also apologized for not telling his fans, or anybody for that matter, and will soon address the public in person. 

Well known for most gamers as the composer of Resident Evil and Onimusha, Samurogochi has been under heavy fire recently since coming forward or having Takashi Niigaki act as a ghost composer for the past 18 years. You can hear our opinions on our most recent podcast as well as read more below.

Original Story (2/7/14): In the world of criminals and swindlers, the "long con" is the most difficult to achieve. It involves dedication to pull off a con that lasts longer than a few minutes or even days. Today it has been officially revealed that supposed deaf composer Mamoru Samuragochi (Resident Evil) has pulled an 18 year-long con and paid somebody else to create his symphonies. Even worse, he may not be deaf at all.

Known as "Japanese Beethoven", Samuragochi has admitted to paying Takashi Niigaki, a teacher at the Toho Gakuen School of Music, to compose his music for almost two decades. ABC News obtained the following statement: "Samuragochi is deeply sorry as he has betrayed fans and disappointed others. He knows he could not possibly make any excuse for what he has done." Samuragochi was quoted by NHK as saying, "I started hiring the person to compose music for me around 1996, when I was asked to make movie music for the first time."

The man behind the pen.  Photo: ABC News

The man behind the pen.  Photo: ABC News

“I’ve never felt he was deaf ever since we met,” he said, “we carry on normal conversations. I don’t think he is (handicapped).”
— Takashi Niigaki

That "person" being hired was the aforementioned Niigaki for a total of 7 million yen ($77,000) over almost 20 years. After stepping forward as the person who had been penning the works, Niigaki also says Samuragochi has been faking his deaf affliction for more than 20 years. "I've never felt he was deaf ever since we met," he said, "we carry on normal conversations. I don't think he is (handicapped)."

Niigaki took to a podium to give a lengthy press conference to clear the air after Samuragochi confessed to his lawyer on Wednesday. He was also quite concerned about figure skater, Daisuke Takahashi, using their work in the Sochi Olympics stating it might only further "enforce the lies" which prompted him to step forward. He had feared of stepping forward before as Samuragochi threatened to kill himself if Niigaki stopped composing for him*.

The long con is generally hours or even days. Samuragochi's con has ended after 18 years and it's sad that it even happened in the first place. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


*Source: ABC News  and CNN