PS4 Update 1.60 Downloads Tonight

Keep an eye out tonight as your PS4 should upgrade to update 1.60 and brings with it support for a large array of headsets including Sony's new Gold Wireless Headset.

The addition of Sony's PS3 Pulse headsets and their new Gold headsets is nice for those who can't stand the uncomfortable earpiece like me and the rest of the world. The new Gold wireless headset is $99.99 USD and will be compatible with the PS4, PS3, and PC wirelessly, but the included 3.5mm cable allows for Vita and other devices to connect as well. 

The Gold headset also comes with the free app that allows users to select custom surround modes that developers may have programmed specifically for their game. According to Sony, Infamous: Second Son will be the first game to fully support this new app.

The update is scheduled to arrive late tonight although no time has been officially confirmed.