Xbox One Twitch App Available March 11


Microsoft has officially announced that Twitch streaming will be available on March 11th with the release of Titanfall.

In a press release on their always helpful Xbox Wire site, Microsoft staff detailed the easy to use app as a "truly next-gen Twitch experience" full of gamertag names like "hashTag", "bacon", and "yolo" just in case you thought they weren't hip. By saying "Xbox, Broadcast", users will be thrown into the new Twitch app interface and their venture into streaming games for friends begins. When you don't feel like streaming, you can watch your friends sessions and join their game if there's availability. This is great information as the feature was pushed back to an unknown date back in November.

What was very interesting to read through were the amount of shots fired in Sony's direction; something Microsoft hasn't been doing in recent months. With Titanfall on the horizon, we're starting to see the puffed chests coming from Corporate VP of Marketing Yusuf Mehdi and the entire Xbox team. Here are a couple of my favorites, just for fun:

"Introducing a Truly Next-Gen Twitch Experience on Xbox One"

"Twitch and Xbox One come together for the first truly next-gen Twitch experience, one that can't be matched by any other console." (aww, snap)

"Xbox One is the only next-gen console that allows you to archive your Twitch broadcasts and view live Twitch streams regardless of their original source." (they have a point)

"Microsoft has done just that by rolling out the most robust console integration of Twitch to date and setting a new bar for others to strive for.” -Twitch CEO, Emmett Shear

"Xbox One is the only next-gen console offering a complete Twitch chat experience, offering 10 lines in the chat stream and allowing viewers to choose their name color and post emoticons."

"Unlike other Twitch console experiences, you can also broadcast a full-screen view of the game you're playing or use an on-screen viewer indicator to keep an eye on how popular your live broadcast is." 

"The best part of the first truly next-gen Twitch experience coming to Xbox One is that it will be here in time for the release of "Titanfall" on March 11. It's fitting that the first truly next-gen multiplayer game will be making a Titan-sized splash on the first truly next-gen Twitch experience." (my personal favorite)

Update: Added Video

So they're feeling good. For good reason too as Titanfall's beta netted over 2 million players. From the updates a couple of weeks ago that fixed controls for Titanfall to today's Twitch announcement, it seems that Microsoft is bending over backwards and forwards to please Respawn. They must have something special. 

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