Xbox One Price Reduced in the UK

Gamers in the UK are getting good news as Microsoft has reduced the price of the Xbox One to £399.99 -- still £50 more than PS4 --and is effective February 28th.

In an interview with IGN UK, Xbox UK Marketing Director Harvey Eagle said, "For us it's about giving UK gamers the best value we can," but continued on to note it's strongly influenced by the launch of Titanfall. This is an attempt to sway buyers to their console as PS4 is currently dominating across most territories on the heels of their release.

Titanfall is included in both the UK and US bundles at no additional charge

Also announced today for the UK and the US is a new Titanfall bundle packed with the Xbox One, controller, headset, Kinect, 1 month Xbox Live, and a digital copy of Titanfall. Surprisingly, the copy of Titanfall is included in both the UK and US bundles at no additional charge so purchasing the console in either territory nets you a free copy of a great looking game. 

These price drops were expected and it makes perfect sense in the UK as some services that are readily available in the US are not available currently in the UK. Many UK early adopters have grown weary as Microsoft has remained relatively hush as to when entertainment features will be released or even what is being worked on.

Angel City gameplay

Titanfall is obviously an "all the eggs in one basket" sort of case for Microsoft as sales have been great but could definitely use a bump. With PS4 on a shortage and over 2 million beta testers enjoying themselves last weekend, this may be the perfect opportunity for the Xbox One.