New Trailer for Life Is Strange is Nostalgic and Intriguing

Square Enix has announced a release date of January 30th, 2015 for the first episode of Life Is Strange on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

In just a few weeks, players can delve into an interesting mix of mystery, intrigue, and time travel on all major platforms. Developer Dontnod of Remember Me fame says releases are expected to be available roughly every 6 weeks for $4.99 each, although a season pass can be purchased for $19.99 on all platforms except the Xbox 360.

Players take control Max Caulfield in a search for a lost friend. Things take an odd turn as Max discovers she has the ability to rewind time to help piece the puzzle together. With every action made, the player's choices change the story in a multitude of ways giving more context to help locate the missing Amber.

So if solving mysteries using time travel while in high school is up your alley, check out Life Is Strange on January 30th.